I need to create a custom listview like this example

SOLVED. Thanks you all
hi, there, friend. Happy new year to all of you.
I need to make a listview like this image:

I will fullfill the listview with info from a list. I searched for some listview extensions but I didn’t find one that allow me to create a layout like that.

I think the easist way is using [F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2, but I don’t have experience with this extension and I had some difficult while trying. If I had 2 or 3 days I certainly would succeed, but I can’t wait that much. And I know If I asked for help here many would gladly help, but even with help it would take more time and energy than I can give now.

Edit: no need anymore.
If someone can send me the aia of this listview working in the next 24 hours, I will gladly pay 5 dollars. I don’t know if it is money enough for such work, but it is all I can offer now. Feel free to send the aia here at the topic, I don’t mind others people having it too. Then send me your paypal and I will pay if it is working.

If the screenshot is not clear enough, I need something like this:
Three columns, the first column is an image with rounded border radius 10. Then a space / margin of about 1% to the second column
The second column has two labels, one below the other. The first with color = green and font size = 12 and the second font size = 15 and default color. Then a space / margin of about 1% to the second column

The third column must have two labels, one below the other. The first with color = orange and font size = 10 and the second font size = 9 and color = white. This column must be rounded with a border radius of 10
After each item of the list view there must be about 1% of space and a gray line with width=2px, then 1% space again before the other item of the list view.

I started to create the layout in the design just to have an idea and this is what I got:

I think this is basically this structure that will need to be created with dynamic components. Just to be clear, I am not saying it needs to be made with dynamic components extension. May be it can be done with another listview extension, but I didn’t find any other way. I just want it to work hihi

Send the Aia of your created template.

@almeidapablo The template is simple to make: Draw 1 within 1 empty project. Follow this tutorial. You will generate a SCHEMA and use it in the Dynamic Component extension. Then just create the components within your repeating structure (this structure will be executed the number of times the number of items in your database or the size of a list)


I will use this tutorial in the future. Thank you!

for now I got what I wanted. Thanks everyone that tried to help