I want MySql component in Kodular Component List

Hello Kodular, If you will add MySql Component it would be very attractive for user because it is totally free with any web service and easy to use with unlimited data storage. Please make it possible for us we are waiting. Thank you

Hi, it’s not possible to do that, because the only and safe way to access MySQL databases is using APIs for security reasons. There is no any app which access MySQL directly. I suggest you to study how to create APIs in any language (PHP, Python, Java, etc) and with this you can easily make your app to connect with MySQL.


Hi @mradilshah welcome to Kodular Community

There are already some extensions related to mysql.
Also you can use web component to work with mysql if you know how to run queries.

MySql is not unlimited at least for a free hosting

See this video
I hope this video is useful for youYouTube
If you satisfied, Make this solution

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