I want to change Modified APK to aab

I have trying shreya’s aab tool to change my APK to aab. But aab tool not opened. There I got the error message of " to run this application, you must install .NET Core but I have installed .NET Core.

I installed python version 3.7 java 8.2

Help me to solve this issue

Downloaded and installed this .NET Core

Download .NET Framework 4.5 | Free official downloads (microsoft.com)

Download runtime exe and try again

Download runtime exe and try again

Not installed this one also.

see the error messages :cry:
.net error

.net framework already in operating system but aab tool requires .net . what should i do?

I pm you check it

whenever i get time i will make Self contained application so we don’t need to download .NET Core

It would be nice to post the solution here in case anyone else faces the same problem


I said him to change Net core version from 4.5 to 3.1 but still same error coming :sweat_smile:

if problem get solved i will update this post

Edit: problem was 32bit net core runtime was installed on 64bit windows 10

now it working after installing 64bit net core runtime for windows 10 64bit


Now aab tool open… But not started to change APK to aab
Find the attachment


Why you add “edited aab” in the last of folder path ??

Just select folder only application will automatically add a name to generated aab file

aab Created Successfully… Thanks All


@Shreyaa Same problem buddy,…
But from where can i download x64,… I didn’t find any special download option given for x64 on official site. Can you help me out about that.

I am also using the windows 10 64 bit…


Download runtime x64 version for windows 64bit and x86 version for window 32bit.

@Shreyaa thanks shreya,…:slightly_smiling_face: but I found somethin more easy from this guide…
*A bot which takes apk and after 2 min reply with aab. * its just amazing…
btw, thanks for your time…

You will find more

original article of making AAB is here

Build an Android App Bundle (*.aab) from the command line – musteresel’s blog

those all are work same as article say

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