I want to come back please accept me

After left kodular for 6 month and use another platform now i found no app builder than kodular.

1- my first appbuilder to study.
2- my first app to publish
3- my first app to earn
4- my fist app to wuthdraw

Reason to left
Main reason was admob which was my earning strategies, after being removed, i decided to find other builder to build my apps so as to use admob component.

Currently i have not earn much than kodular, i have not withdraw a single $ after left kodular.

Now i am thinking, to back to kodular but my hope is the admob component, why must kodular admob compont?
Its easy to use, easy to understand, few blocks your ready.
Other components of admob, very confusing to understand them, some have missed important blocks, some use many blocks.

For me those block of kodular admob are very useful.

Please kodular, consider this my experience and let do buisness,