I want to display random on a label

I am making a app and i want that when ever someone clicks on the button random text(which i already stored ) will display on that label.
Like i am help less and tried everything plz anyone for help…!

You can use globel veritable for that

Sorry brother i am new at this don’t know much will you help me out in that how to create that…

Wait let me give you an example

Here it is hope you’ll understand if you find his helpful please mark this as solve

Works, excepting global variables are not for storing things at app storage, they are temporary. If you want to add custom values (e. g. Strings from user), store them in local (like TinyDB) or in database (like FireBase).

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It’s just an example how you can get randome items

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Maannnn…! I am new at this and ur terms are way more technical everything just bounced of my head…hahaha

bro that worked…

Good to hear



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