Random position

Hey guys i wanted to show values on a random position. let me explain
So I have taken a button, 3 label named ( a , b , c), and 1 textbox. So what is want is when the button clicked that text is in the textbox will show on labels randomly. like if i entered 10 in text box then it will pick a random label( label a,b,c) anyone only and set text 10(textbox value) and other two that are not picked set their value using random integer from 1 to 100. Sorry to weak English :slight_smile: i hope you unstand what i’m trying to say. btw thank you reading

Try something like this and see if it works for you


You are very strong in any sort of lists/dynamic compounds and what not… I have learnt lot from your suggestions.

Thanks a lot @dora_paz .

Very very rare to see such people’s. Keep suggesting and make us to learn a lot

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it’s working thank you so much @dora_paz . you are genius :slight_smile: thank you.

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