I want to get mp3 file from device

I want to get mp3 file from device and want to arrange it as folder wise

Use taifun file picker extension and enter .mp3 format in extension to filter mp3 from your device

Unclear, show your blocks and read this first:

Like this

As I said:

and tell us what are the goal.

Btw, which “file picker extension” from @Taifun?

And again: Read this (especially point 3) and post the blocks in hight (readable) quality.

You can use inbuilt screenshot feature of kodular creator. Right click in empty block area and look for the option. Easy and high quality

Apologize :disappointed:

Is that clear …

I think you should use the async method because it takes several seconds for the .FileList items to be found (depending on the number of MP3s / M4As).

And again:

And when you got the FileList, what then …

he is talking about the File extension and its FileList method

Ok, but this is not a file picker.