I want to make a screen i name welcome on kodular to open first when app launch

please i want to make a screen i name welcome on kodular to open first when app launch…please check image below

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You cannot rename Screen1 which is the default first displayed screen in your App.


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Here are the blocks
blocks (10)

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You don’t need the TDB blocks, bc he wants it to be opened every time a user gets in if I understood well.

But anyway, these blocks are right.

However, this method makes the App much heavier bc two screens are opened one after another.

I wouldn’t recommend you this.


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I mostly make everything in 1 screen

Yes that’s very good. For an App. It makes it much smoother and less storage! :wink: :+1:

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Hi @shittuwale02
You can try using animation or Lottie component.

Why this? I can’t underatand why you are saying this…

@shittuwale02: You could make the “Welcome” screen in an arrangementinstead of using these all screens.

Because most of the time we see/use beautiful animation on welcome screen :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, looks like @shittuwale02 isn’t using this. it’s like a Canvas or smth, right?

It would be good if OP answers…

One way I can think of :point_down:

But it depends what @shittuwale02 actually want


let me try this

did not work…i finally sort it myself

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