I want to make an app

That is true… Some people build apps not for the passion but for the money. If money is all they see, their app will never be good as they do not know the main purpose of making an app which is to provide convenience or entertainment.


i think kodular should hide monetization option until the user reaches trust level 3, this way only serious people will get the chance to use such options.

i know this is not a proper solution but it can prevent some of those (GIMME GIMME I WANT NOW I WANT THIS) users… .


I like this idea? :+1::+1::+1:


Honestly, even though im not level 3, I think this sounds great. Could actually help developers since im not sure but I heard that implementing ads a while after you publish your app (when you have some actual users) instead of using them straight away helps in your ranking in the play store? Again, it is just something I heard and would be nice if someone can confirm but that would make sense.

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not agree

For three reasons

a. I do not know the level of trust

B. There are people who do not enter the community

C. It is my right to add advertisements especially if you do not enter the community and make good applications

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i think kodular should hide monetization option until the user reaches trust level 3, this way only serious people will get the chance to use such options.

Many of the thousands users of Kodular did never even use the community. I don’t remember very well and couldn’t find this information here but I guess only about 1 on each 10 are users of the community. Why take away tools from so many users just because they are not trust level 3? I myself come to here very often and I am not level 3 yet - And I never will since I use to stay days away from computer.

All those people - me included - would just use enhance.co and others tools like this and make money without Kodular having its part.

And worse, many people would use the forum just to go up in the level trust, and we would start to see fakes, people posting “I don’t know, I wish I could help” and others useless answers just to get to level 3, etc

All of this just to avoid some lazy / nonsense people from making stupid questions?


Yes… But if you have a better idea then we are listening…

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Close any topic for profit unless it is clear

Yeah you got it, it is because more than 60% of topics in the community are for ads and earning. why not try to earn after developing good apps? and its mods/devs work to keep community safe and clean.


Stay as it is now is already better than remove functions of 90% of kodular users even if 99.9% of them did nothing wrong.

But let’s talk about alternative solutions.
1 - Just ignore those people
2 - Report their topics, after a few reports of basic, regular or pro koders members the post is deleted. After xx deleted posts the user is suspended for xx weeks.
3 - The moderation could close the topics and advert the creator. If they repeat the behavior, solution number two.
4 - If nothing of that is enough just remove admob category from the community and if the word admob or monetization is written the post is not authorized and the user is alerted that such subject is forbidden for basic users. It is a terrible idea but is better than remove the monetization that help to keep kodular running.

I think if we count the number of topics like you mentioned and then compare with the total number of topics or the total number of kodular users. I think the conclusion would be that it is not a good idea to punish everyone because of a few dummy users.

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Just a point, Kodular’s AdSense was suspended due to that few dummy users.


I saw there are hundreds of earning apps in kodular store, some apps are built with thunkable and some with Appy…, why Kodular is not removing them?

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I could answer to that but it looks like I am talking alone here. I write a ton and it looks like you are reading - or for some reason decide to answer only about a gram.

Feel free to mobilize the devs to remove admob and others tools that allow thousands good people to make money with great apps because of some people creating stupid topics.
Let’s see in a few months if this will make good to the community and to kodular as a whole / generally.

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I don’t mean to let devs remove admob. i want people to earn from their hard work and patience that’s it.


I do not whether these solutions are wrong or correct:

But one thing is wrong ’ Using builders as Money Making Machine ’
And if this is not stopped as soon as possible then there will be only Earning Apps in android stores.


removing any component from builder is not the solution.

i would like to see those good apps, in the past few months i have seen mostly 20 to 50 good apps. and whenever i come to the community i see few post related to admob.

ignoring people will only effect kodular,

and for all of this why do so much work to prevent those dummy users, my solution is simple, if you are a good enough to build an app and who know how to use kodular services then the advertisement components will be available. thats wy i suggested to make it available for trust level 3 users.

and i already mentioned :point_up_2: this is not a complete solution.

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That’s because we haven’t prioritised moderating the store. However, I’ve just removed all of the earning apps I could find, if I’ve missed any apps, you can report them and they’ll be dealt with quicker.


Yes, unfortunately this what the majority of users think Kodular is for. There’s so many different apps people can build but it’s really disappointing to see that many people are only interested in one - earning apps.

We have been taking steps to stop this. As you are probably aware, we implemented an approval system for ads, this means that anyone using ads outside of the Play Store must request approval to show ads. We don’t approve earning apps and Google no longer allows them on the Play Store.

Unfortunately, some people didn’t like this an setup their own builder with unrestricted access to monetisation components. Now the App Inventor world seems have become synonymous with earning apps and something needs to be done about it.


If this continues this will have an effect on all of the AI world. My worst scenario being that there will be a total block of all apks on Google Play and other stores. Even of App Inventor the mother of them all and the only one not having ad components.

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