I want to make safe and secure MySql + php App for doing number transaction

Hello kodular community members;
I am planning for making a number transaction app (Accounting App) using MySQL + php. Day before yesterday I knew about that MySQL can be hacked my SQL injection so I and my team decided to sift to .php. In my team no one knows php programming so can you help me that how we can learn php programming from basics. And what are things required for making transactional accounting app.



1-Do you want to learn php and marked an answer on SQL as a solution?
2- On Google you will find millions of options of material for study and research, above all. PHP, SQL and Mysql are rich in study material and you will find it easily.
3+It’s not just Mysql that can be hacked by SQL injection
4- Good Studies.

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to prevent mysql injection you could use prepared statements and parameterized queries on you php script.
to prevent sniffing between your mobile app and to your php server, you could use https and POST and encapsulate the string with the encryption and do not write your key on your code.
and best of all, you could search on the web all those things.

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this is the Kodular community… this is not a php community… you might want to ask somewhere else… try a Google search… your question is out of scope for this community

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