I want to preview of all emoji as android 10 in any version of device

In my application i want display all emoji in android 10 as preview.

Any way to i able to show emoji preview as android 10.

Can you explain?

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In my label i use some Emojis of android 10 but some device are android 9 in android 9 some Emojis not available so not showing emoji at that in lable so i want to use android 10 Emojis in android 7,8,9 whatever version of device

I think this is not possible.

As emoji from Android 10 is not available in Android 9, 8 or 7, then how it is possible to show them?

Use those emoji’s which will be shown in all Android versions.

Can i use ttf front or any other way ?

Yes u can use it.

Like material icons.

Explain more about which emoji’s you want to show and for what purpose, so that we can be more specifically answer u.

WhatsApp all emojis i am using but some device not support emoji so label not showing