Listing Emojis to a Grid View

I’m trying to list all the system emojis to a grid (table) view like Instagram’s sticker view but I don’t know how to get all system emojis at the same time.

Can anyone help me?

Use a Scrollable Vertical Arrangement to get them sorted, then use a ton of Horizontal Non-Scrollable Arrangements on each line to shove the better looking emoji’s inside of :sweat_smile:


I need something, really. I don’t have ANY solutions about this.

That’s what you can use, it’s fairly simple.

But then Makeroid will crash. I’m pretty sure it won’t handle that many components on the viewer.

And they won’t be able to fix that because it’s completely normal for it to crash.

Two words, Try it.


You can also always try Vertical Arrangements next to each other inside a Horizontal Arrangement

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I definitely will.

Any other solutions?

How many emojis are in the Android System?

Don’t know. Google it.

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Ok so total # of emojis divided by the total amount of Vertical Arrangements = How many emojis to put in each.

Have fun adding 2,666 emojis to your app, that’ll maybe crash depending on the type of image and quality. Or you can use labels and do this:


Or go here and find standard emoji licensing as images, they match the community: