I want to use recycle list with 15000 google sheet data

What is the name of your app?

Describe your app:I want to use recycle list with 15000 google sheet data


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And were is the problem doing it ? Use web component, set url to


call web get. When web get set RecyclerList Data to csv table

After that use OnCreateView block to make UI and OnBindView block to bind data

how to connect recycle view with google sheet.plz help

Search on YouTube you will found many videos :grinning:

Suggest plz

Look here :face_with_monocle: :- https://m.youtube.com/results?sp=mAEA&search_query=Google+spreadsheet+in+kodular

thank you
…make me a fever

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What you want to do get with sheet, like getting data from spreadsheet only or get & send data between app and google spreadsheet

i want to get data from google sheet.Add in a recycle viewer…Also want to ADD,EDIT,UPDATE option

From youtube you will found all your queries but for Update,Edit etc will more difficult than getting data .

get data from gsheet and create recycler view then for udate and delete use gviz method or script method. already plenty of solved topics is there in our community

in the extension page itself demo aia you can find they are connected with gsheet only

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Give me the link plz…

for dealing with update delete in gsheet better use this @TimAi2 method

Better stay in one topic, do not create multiple topic for same query and it will be consider as you are violating our community guidelines and it will leads to suspension of account . Try to search, get result, work out and if you didn’t get result as you expect then come here and post your blocks , certainly our community members will help you.


help me if you can

Please read above responses, all you need is there

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