I was using dynamic cardview in the original version of my app but since i have shifted to dynamic components extension, i don’t have the id option

I was using kodular’s cardview, but when I switched it to dynamic card view,
I can’t find the id.
Look at these pictures to see what I mean.

That’s the original, or when I changed it, look at this picture. I hope you understand what I want to say.
And I’m sorry for my English because I use the translator.


instead of the global id block put this block it’s from the dynamic components extension


Ok I’ll try and come back.

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Hello my friend this method works with the first 2 dynamic card view But with the rest, there’s a sign of error.
Can you help me

With the rest like how many columns?

There are many columns.

OK post me the aia and I’ll help you by tomorrow

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apppllalal.aia (257.2 KB)

ok ill try

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