I will sell my app's apk for one year but

I will sell my app’s apk for one year but after one year I don’t want customer to use the app. I want them to contact with me to buy apk again. What must I do for that?

Is it something like yearly subscription?

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Bind your app with a license which makes it available to client only for one year or specific time.
But I would like to say that it is very difficult to control your app after its release/sell at least in MIT AI2 distros.

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Keep an ID and password after one year change it so that they will not be able to use it

And if Id and password is entered only once and then it is saved then you need to create one more parameter which is subscription which you can change after one year and once app opens and checks if it is on or off… If off then close application

Have you thought about putting a deadline in the database on your smartphone and checking if the date is valid to run the app?
Or a date in an external database?

Which component do I need?

Did you try This : Update My App - Extension - Useful to app builders to update their distributed apps

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No I did not but I found a solution. I use spreadsheet and I write to cell " finished " after that all label’s text changed to “your app has expired.”

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Yes. He did the same thing but in a different way :+1: :smiley: