Monthly app subscription

Hello, I am trying to create a monthly subscription in my application, every 30 days it expires. Could someone give me a tutorial?

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There is no tutorial. In systems / app development, there is an idea. This idea needs an algorithm to transform it into an automated routine. So, think about what that idea wouldlook like without computerization. Make a sketch.
(after that my answer someone prepared you the ready blocks.) :grinning:
it always happens here :thumbsup:


Hello friend @Rogerio_Rios , my intention is not to make the blocks for me. I already have an idea for the subscription to expire.
Ex today 09/18/20 my subscription begins and expires on 10/18/20. (I would do it using the components of the clock).
What I can’t understand are the blocks and I don’t know which block to use to revoke the subscription. I also don’t know if the subscription is created from Kodular or from gogle play.
If you know, I would appreciate your answer.

The lock will always be yours, the app administrator.

And how do you do it?

You need to have recorded this information somewhere. This place is the database.

For the easy subscription to expire.
I create a variable that sums the month, I use firebase to save the expiration data.
And when the user uses the app for a month, when it starts, compare if the date of the mobile phone is equal to the firebase data, the subscription expires.

maybe that …
try to do … :thumbsup:

I already tried and failed. Why do you think I made this post? :thinking:

Really ? you tried ? Generally, when we try, we post what we try. Friend, posting emoji with debauchery won’t help you. Understood ?
POST what you try …

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Use online date and store it when user signup and compare today’s online date & the expiry online date i can help u i have a same aia file just for knowledge

Thank you for your response, I want this subscription to be $ 1 a month. What do you use is the same as what I am saying?

Same work…just add a payment method after payment done store the online date and just…its ready i already make the app about 7 months ago and it’s work great…if u wants help i pm me I wil send u the blocks imges for stores signup online date & expired online date

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