Identify id by clicking it using dynamic components

Guys I would like to know the id of the image that the user pressed without having to put it inside a card viewer, I use dynamic components given by kodular. I don’t use the extension.

You will have to add an image to bring in the event.

Hi, thanks for your response. Among the options of the dynamic component of the image, it does not show me the option of blocks .click

I would like you to share with me an image of what you say. Remember that I use the dynamic components that kodular offers (I do not use extensions on this topic).

So you have added a dynamic image… alright.
But to get the event block, you will have to add an image


Now from the any-component block of image, add the when any Image.Click block.


In Screen1.Initialize block (or wherever you are creating a new image) set your dynamic image clickable to true.

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Show us what you have used in dynamic component. You will get blocks or be get helped soon