If Google approved my app, why doesn't it show ads but only the permission request pop up in it?

Hello guys!
If someone can help me I will be very grateful!
I have an app and I put it in the Google Play Store.
There it is…

My question:
If Google approved my app, why doesn’t it show ads but only the kodular permission request pop up in it?

That is the message:
“Action required! your app has not been approved to serve ads. please go to my.kodular.io and request approval for your app.”

The situation:
In my case, I am waiting for more than 2 weeks for to kodular approval, and nothing…

My app has quality, and trusted content developed over years created by myself. And now I would like to gain some far money because of that.

Can someone help me?

Here only the staff of kodular will be able to help…

As per my advice you should wait a little more as kodular approval system is too slow

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Was the app installed through Google Play Store or any other sources ?

The app is in beta test but will be open to anyone to install it from the Google Play store Tomorrow.
It is only on Google Play Store.

I realized today the pop-up stopped appearing to users and now only the test ad is showing. But I did not put test mode in the AdMob banners.

Okay! Thanks!

You have any other app aproved for ads?
If yes, you won’t need kodular aproval. Just post it in playstore and it will work.

If not, according to some people, you may have problems even if the app is in playstore, but most of people say that the ads will work fine if the app is installed from playstore

I realize that the ad sometimes appears like a test ad banner and sometimes another kind of ad. The reason I don’t know.

  1. Check whether you set the ads in test mode ?
    If checkbox is true in test mode than false it and update your app with new version.
    You can check it in ad component designer section

  2. Download your app directly from playstore so the popup didn’t show.

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I have, I think, the same problem. My app of Maths was published in Google Play and this worked perfectly. But two days ago, coincident with my approval request of another app, show the following message when I open the app of Maths.

Then, If I go to Kodular to submit my request again , I can not do it because I have the another open request.
This app showed the ads without problem and has the permission to show ads.

I use admon . I have not implement the Google ad manager yet.

What’s is the error?

if your app published on googe playstore then you can check it on another device and install your app from Playstore. becz you download this app from Kodular Creator thats way showing this error!

Note: Do not click your own ads!

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I have published my app in google play and installed it on my phone and the error disappears.

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