If list Is empty Then What Is Issue?

i want when check box checked or unchecked lable text change according to list lengh but its show error!ice_screenshot_20180703-100349

does i do any mistake in blocks ?

I think it’s because the list is empty and the lenght of list expects to be at least 1

So, replace “length of list = 0” with:

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i try this but it also show error

Can I see how your blocks look like now?

i am trying many time many with diffrent diffrent block but i dont know why this problem show again and agian so finally i decide the list is never empty so i use taifun file extentension to copy file from asset to prefer location.

No, it should return 0 because that’s how it works in other builders Thunkable below.

I’m not even able to perform DoIt in Makeroid.

@Surendra_Parihar, workaround put a comma sign in designer or blocks.



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@Kodular It seems like a bug here


Yes you are right if list is empty then makeroid show error but I make status saver in thunk and in thunk when list empty I set a image for empty list. So it work fine but not here.
If you want no error show then make sure that list is never empty.