Select From List Show Error


Select from list is show error in makeroid. But working fine in appybuilder and thunkable.
Please solve this bug .

Thank you !

Clearly the list is too short.

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Oh yes sir, master, boss, your excellency, your highness. :sunglasses::joy:


same thing is working in thunkable and appybuilder.

It’s not a bug… You’re trying to get the 5th element of the list but the list only has one element in it.

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What are you storing in global userids?

we do this too…

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i want store user id.

Try storing at least 5. This is basic blockly. Can’t bug this error immediately, your highness.

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at least 5 means? 5 value?

Try to store 5 unique (Different) User IDs. Then attempt to get the 5th element in the list.

i m not clear about that,why i store 5 user ids? my list already have 8 elements.

Well it doesn’t because the error says the length of the list is 1.


Can we see your blocks pertaining to the list and User IDs?

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i get data from website using web compponent.and split it within (coma) , then select item list where index 5, 6 etc.

Clearly, it doesn’t work.

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first of all, i said it working fine in thunkable and appybuilder. problem also seen in makeroid.

This means that it’s happening other places.

now how to solve?

Let me make this clear: this makes no difference. No one cares. Your app tries to pick the 5th item of a list with just 1 item.