If we use more than 15-20 players, the sound will not play on the rest of the players. Is it a bug?

Dear Kodular’s, please pay some attention and have a look at my issue.

If we use more than 15-20 players (KodularPlayer/Exoplyer/TifunPlayer), the sound will not play on the rest of the players.

For example, I have an app and want to play 36 sounds at the same time. So I used 36 player components to make that possible. When any user clicks on the first 15-20 buttons to play sound, it works fine, but afterclicking on the rest of the buttons, the sound won’t play.

I have been reporting this issue for more than a year and have been waiting for @Kodular to fix this bug in every new update, but I think they didn’t even notice it because nobody highlighted this issue.

I tried it using different sound formats and different player components, but still it won’t work.

I have created a test file-

The blocks are as follows:

AIA - Multiple_Player_Test.aia (153.9 KB)
APK - Multiple_Player_Test.apk (5.9 MB)

Instructions to test the issue:

So click on all the buttons one by one from 1 to 36, then press 36, 35, 34, 33, 32,…so on and try to play sound on those buttons.

Please fix this #feedback:bugs or provide a solution.


You know you can efficiently change your code using when any button click and one player ?

Thank for quick response, but didn’t get you ?

Also i want to play all player at the same time.

Even on an old Galaxy Note8 (Android 9):


I am using 36 Taifun player in my Soundpad and there is no issue playing all at the same time.
Only the sound component ( for sound files up to 1 mb ) has a restriction of 10 audiostreams, but the player components should work.

By this i mean user can choose how much and which sets of buttons he wants to play.

Also didn’t understand the ExoPlayer component you mentioned ?

Please test the apk or the aia with the instructions i mentioned above then you will get to know what i really mean to say and its a bug in the kodular that need to be fixed.

Please provide me the apk so that i can test myself, also which audio format you are using ?
Also you can test the apk file i mentioned above.

Check your application yourself before posting as solution :neutral_face:
Its not working at all

I understood that, but even if I play all ExoPlayers at the same time, it works fine for me. Everyone plays well.

So where is the problem?

Sorry for the late reply @bodymindpower, but it does not work for me. I tried it on some other mobile phones and also in the Nox simulator, but the same problem occurs.

I even tried with all 3 players (KodularPlayer/Exoplyer/TifunPlayer), but after they play 15-20 sounds, the others stop working.

See, I made a special test video to show you the given aia file above-

Please check the above given aia or apk file and see if this same issue shown in the video is also with you too.

Something is wrong with your phone


I already checked it, as I told you. It works absolutely fine even on an old device.

Perform a factory reset and if it still doesn’t work after that, throw the device in the trash.

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Thank you for testing and yes, i can see its working absolutely fine. Don’t know why i am facing such issue. Not just with my phone i tried on 4 others phones with different API’s of my friends and even Nox simulator. Now what can i say :frowning_face:

Okay, sorry to take your precious time. I don’t know why it’s not working on my and my friends phones. Thanks a lot for the quick response and testing of the app: :blush:

I checked it once now on a very, very old device (Galaxy S6, Android 7). And there actually some ExoPlayers (13-17, 19-21, 24-30, 34-36) don’t work.

ExoPlayer 15-35 will not work.

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You should explain to us what sense it could make to play 36 sounds at the same time.
There can be no good reason for this.

Aside from that, your app doesn’t even allow playing all the sounds at once. At the latest when you click on Button10, the sound of ExoPlayer1 is over (4 sec). So from there you could use ExoPlayer1 again. Consequently, only 10 ExoPlayers would be required.

I really appreciate your efforts, thank you so much.
Not even working in my 8.1 android version and also i tried in many other versions too. Now if you found its a bug please please report it to kodular team so that they can fix this error. Thank you so much

There seems to be a memory (RAM) problem or a problem with decoding many ogg / mp3 audio tracks at the same time. It is not a bug.

I made a beat app where user click on some beats it may be 4/10/20/30 in loop mode to make a music. Now if i use only 10 Exoplayers then user can’t play 20/30 sound in loop mode to make music. That’s why i am using 36 Exoplayer each Exoplayer for every button.