I'm looking for image number recognition extension

Hello Masters Kodular Dev’s

I’m looking for image number recognition extension

for example with that extension i can use the camera offline and point it on any image with numbers it writes them back to me in a box or something , but it must be offline without need of the internet.

Thank you , name your price for it if you can do it

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It is called OCR.

Kodular even have a component for it but that’s online.

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OCR mostly for characters recognition , I want something more basic only 0 - 9 recognized

but the main thing is offline version preferable via JavaScript libraries.

Maybe this can help if trained to recognise numbers


yap thank you I guess it will help i’m thinking of making the project either as web app or on android via kodular

It’s cons that you need to train it your self.You won’t get it understnading every thing.Also.It recognize objects only.

also try look extension and microsoft’s extensions


use teachable machine

in teachable machine u have to click photos and convert it into extension and do i accordingly

try urself

See this:

Both needs internet connection

You can use above extention in offline mode and teachable machine exported models are aslo supported…
1.You just train your own model and export it to quant or float type model
2. import model into your app and also extention

Option 2

Use free personal image recognizer extention you can download form mit extention web

Train model using your own images


And download extention form here


Enjoy …