I'm looking for Kodular & App Inventor Freelancers Devs

I’m looking for Kodular & App Inventor Freelancers Devs

Please contact me and send your past works screenshots or apks


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Perhaps we need more info about what you want, your budget, requirements, etc


I can’t decide the budget because it depends on each developer & design and the final outcome , if u r interested in requirements dm me.

I don’t prefer publishing my ideas on public for nothing.

Without being specific give us an idea of the app type or genre you want developed. What sort of skills and experience should the developer have? When we know this then the right people can contact you.

Nobody wants to contact you

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well if no one wants then they miss their chance !

plus how come you know everybody opinion !

You should give a general idea of the app type. Don’t get into specifics until you find someone. Some people are better at making certain types of apps than others. People who don’t have the right skills will therefore be wasting their time contacting you.

How’s it working out for you so far?

You want people to

But you won’t give even the slightest idea of what you want. How do we know you’re not looking to steal other people’s ideas?

Hi, @NWO_007666 :wave:!

I have seen that you do not have much activity, which possibly generates some mistrust among the users of the community :slight_smile:

On this occasion I have to agree with @deanart2012 about providing some additional information about what exactly you want :thinking:

Imagine a situation where there is a recruiter for a trucking company, who is looking for workers but never says that the job is, well, for a trucking company; and an interested young man shows up but has experience in things like sales, neither of them would be useful

I’m bad at giving examples, I know, but the idea is understandable…

I have been hired as a Freelancer before, and I must say that I would never contact someone who does not give me even the smallest detail :neutral_face:


I think most of the devs will not answer to this without knowing what you want to do. You didn’t even say if you want an app, an extension or whatever. If you want something you better explain the best you can and then the people will decide if they are interested in this or not.

You can easily explain your requirements in the forum without revealing the secrets of your project.
For example: If you want to create a social network for animals you don’t need to say this. Just say you need an app that has login and sign up, upload media to firebase storage, retrieve data from real time database, etc. Or send an app similar to the one you need so we can have an idea of the requirements, and then decide if it is something that we have knowledge, etc.


Well I didn’t force you to contact me , if you want you can otherwise stop accusing based on weird facts !

I have plenty of projects but for the right devs , probably you ain’t one of them , you are much of talker or you can’t communicate well !

you can check my same replay to @alexitoo_uy

I don’t need to explain myself to every dev I only need few reliable ones !

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