I'm looking to buy extension for file upload to php server + gdrive

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Here you go:

Now pay me $5 :joy:

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Hi I will if it works perfectly , can you add me on whatsapp please because i’ve tried more than 5 scripts and non worked.

I will recommend you to use FTP component instead of any extension or script.
Also, that tutorial does not belong to me so if that works then donate to @Taifun

no sorry no FTP at all that’s out of the warranty for me :smiley:

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why? :thinking:
Have you faced any issue with that?

No it’s not about ftp , I want it anything except FTP because it’s super slow and sometimes get’s blocked.

If so, then the only solution I know is to use that script.

oh only ftp , but my friend there’s plenty of http postfiles tutorial are they fake ?

if u can do it then tell me please I only interested in php http upload or curl + google drive upload too.

looking forward to fix my issue :smiley:

Who said?

I am talking about this script:

And for Google Drive:

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I tried them , mmm try them if it works with on ur host and okay the file upload

tell me so i can buy it from you

seriously I tried a lot and it didn’t work.

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What do you want to buy?
That is a tutorial from Taifun which uses web component.

You Maybe will need CURL + web component.

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no problem but can you make the extension that does that ?

I’m looking to buy extension for file upload to php server

ftp is the way to go, it is a standard way of transferring files to a server…
you also could use the SFTP Manager Extension by Andres Daniel (20 USD)


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

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Hi Taifun

Thank you but I don’t prefer FTP , any other way than FTP will be most welcomed.

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Hello Kodular Masters & Gurus ,

I’m looking to buy file upload extension

  • NO FTP at all *

main needed features in the extension are

http php file upload for any file extension + file upload to google drive for any file extension

name your price in the replies and provide a working demo for it in order to buy it ASAP.

Please change your topic category to #marketplace:request


I will do it thank you

I saw another post from you on something simillar isn’t it?

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