Image Picker Not Working

Anybody Help when i use image picker after selecting image the kodular companioin automatically companioin closing please help to me
i think this is a bug of koudlar

Change You Category From Extensions Extensions IDE To Discuss

And Show Blocks What You Have Tried


i Changed it. :slightly_smiling_face:


As Srrazmi said,

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Did you tried in apk?

When any component doesn’t work in companion as expected then you should first try it in apk, if it doesn’t work in even apk then you can say it as bug.


Yes I Tried In Apk Then App Not Crashed But Image Picker and Camera Also Not Working So Please Help Me

Please Help Image Picker And Camera Are Not Working When I Use Them My App Just Crashing So Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please help me
See I Tried Lot But No Use So PLease Help To Me PLease
So See all The Blocks In My App PLease

Do not open multiple threads on the same topic.


which device and Android version are you using for your tests?
is there still some space left on the device to store the image?
did you try another device?
what exactly means “crashing”? any error message?
to find out more use logcat

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I used in android 8 and 9 but crashing and 8gb space left and not showing any message but closing app please help

as already suggested

to find out more use logcat


Sorry now only i realized that my android is problem not kodular and i tried in another mobiel it worked superbly sorry for ur wasting time for me sorry

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