Image Picking W/ SD Card

With the latest update I don’t seem to be able to pick images off the sd card anymore.

Basically using a simple “Image Picker” tool. I call that tool when a button is pressed. After the image is picked, I update an Image with the results of that Image Picker tool. Capture3

When I pick a file on my local drive it gives me a file location on /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera/etc…
When I pick a file on my SD card, it gives me a /storage/1216-941A/DCIM/Camera/etc…

So its reading the file right just for some reason all the sudden it can’t display it. Any ideas? The files aren’t insane, they are just captured images.

Leaving this up in case anyone runs into the same problem. Fixed it with a simple string adjustment.

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I added a really nice fix to the image picker.
Since the new update it is much more faster as the old version.
The old code from app inventor created two copies of the original image before you (the user) did get the selection.

I added a code which does not make a copy.
We use now the original file path.