Image slider with external link

I create a image slider using dynamic cardview & dynamic image connected with airtable
Know i want that if someone click on the image then they will redirect to my website page in external browser. Anyone know how to redirect it.

When your dynamic image is clicked
You can use the activity starter :
action -> android.intent.action.VIEW
data uri -> myUrl Your web site url.
Then use startActivity method ( Activity starter )
Also you can use chrome custom tabs, but currently it’s an experimental component.


Ok. But there is a problem for me in the middle that i am not able to get the exact particular url link from airtable which is connected to the image

So can you show what have you tried?

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Here are the block. Iamge section is working fine but i am not able to connect the image with the given url

First you need to change your logic for getting data from airtable, see here , another logic:

You probably can store your images in a list, and your urls in a list, with the way above. Now using event you can detect touches on your images ( there isn’t a click event in the dynamic images, so you need to use the click event in the dynamic card view, and set full clickable property to true in the dynamic card view. )
Now you can select the right url from your url lists using select list item block, the list will be your url list, your index will be the id variable ( in the click event )

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I am beginners in this field and what are you saying is hard to me to understand. I am sending my aia file can you make the changes. Which i have done so i can get to know what is the proper way to do it.
Aia file

Tell me the solution

Being a beginner doesn’t mean that you couldn’t try :wink: You probably can follow the comments on your blocks here to know what i meant with my post:
imageSlider (2).aia (5.0 KB)


you explain really good, know i understand the full process

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