Image sprite move very slow if we use more 5 image sprite and fps drop how solve that problem?

Image sprite move very slow if we use more 5 image sprite.

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Expert of Sprite @Italo may know.


I don’t think the amount of sprites is the issue. Did you set the sprites interval to 0?
How are you moving the sprites, by calculating the x,y of each one or setting heading and speed?
Is your app doing something else while moving the sprites?

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Almost 20 image sprites together move to point and its slow if i use 5 image sprite fast

Yes 0 interval iam not use heading and speed manual

I use frame photo like gif

Can you post the aia?

i have sprite image 60 on canvas. every 3 sprite images I merge into one coordinate that is the same for border photos and animated photo moves like gif using timer x multiplied by 20 to 60 image sprites if they move together at the same time will it be my problem lag!!

I can’t understand exactly what you want and what you are getting if I can’t see your app.
Send the aia or apk, if you want in a PM.

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How big are your sprite images? Maybe your mobile runs low on memory.
You could try to reduce their resolution

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If you are not using speed and heading to move the sprites, that’s probably the cause of the lag. Each sprite has its own clock and we have to take advantage of that if we can. It can move many sprites together really fast without lag. Even changing the image constantly. You can see that in the ball & bricks game I made. Three sprites for the balls, the paddle, the powerup and two enemies changing their image to simulate a rotating animation and up to 70 sprites not moving for the bricks, the lag is not very noticeable in today’s regular phones. But like I said, except for the paddle, I used speed and heading all the time instead of calculating x,y. That will surely make the game impossible to develop.

5kb pphoto