Lots of lag in page scrolling

Hi, I recently added a couple of images (low resolution) in my project and when I compiled the APK I noticed that in the scrolling of the pages there are a lot of lag. Why did this happen? Is there a way to solve this problem?

Even we also don’t know what could cause that issue.(especially with that limited / no information you have provided).
But there is one thing you can do,
Show your blocks, what exactly were the changes you made after which this issue appeared, etc.

Maybe by this someone here can help you out.

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Nice question but without your blocks we cont. give any solution. So please post your blocks

I have 21 screens with 6030 total blocks, how can I post it? :joy:

i prefer you to you dynamic component instead of so much arrangements, buttons, clocks, spaces, labels, card views, images
also try decreasing the number of assets like use them as url
and in blocks try using loops to make blocks lesser

As one of creator of kodular engine (App Inventor) said, having 10+ screens is not a good way for creating an app - this condition have a bad impact on app, cause every screen acitivity is somehow active and work in the background.

Second thing is, there is a guide on the forum with informations how to change screens properly.

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Using 21 screens isn’t a good idea. You can use arrangements to reduce number of screens. Moreover if you have lots of data to show to user in a scroll arrangement I would recommend using RecyclerGridView extension from Atom_Developer and also try to reduce number of assets.


ok, then I try to optimize everything, thanks!