My Kodular Page Is Freezing When I Do To The Screen Who Has Alot Blocks

i have a screen that do multiple things and he’s have alot of blocks

and when i try to move around i have serious lags.
like one movement on the block ‘canvas’ can take half minute
and it i need to get to other place or move blocks it’s make it impossible to work on my app
please help
thanks to everyone who will help me

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It may be happening because your PC may not be enough powerful to render these blocks quickly. You can try using another screen for fast response.


Why you are not using variables to handle the block you have same block in every event handler it minimise the use of same blocks every time and reduce the app laging and your pc laging

i don’t want to make global variable on everything
and if you are talking about local variable i did not exactly understand what you mean
maybe give example :slight_smile:

In my experience using a firefox browser (especially Mac) improves the speed of moving blocks
If you want me to help you optimize your blocks you can contact me

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