Images are not showing in the app

I am going to make an educational app. I insert some images. but images not showing in app. I use blocks shown in screen shot. text shown properly but images not are not shown. Please help, what to ?do ?

Are you getting any error instead?
Also, from your blocks, you are using list to select the image. So check if that particular list is initialised properly, meaning is the list populated with image name?
You can check this with help of ‘Do it’ during the live testing

Companion or APK, if companion this might help

Thank you for your kind help.
It works with mit app properly. but i do not understand why it is not showing images in kodular ?

in apk images are not showing.

Thank you for replying.

Are the images shown in companion?

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companion is not opening . its stuck on 20 %

here are blocks

But you fails to add what should be the initial Akar value. So your app struggle to read the exact number. Correct the global AKar number and try

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Thank you . I have given Initial value to global akar number is 1

are you getting now?

No . when I use same block for text, it shows text. but images are not shown. same blocks I used in mit app it works but not in kodular. thats why I worried.

No … You have to give set akar = 1 at here


Thank you . I will try this.

I am getting properly the images with this code


(note: i have uploaded these two images in asset)

( Do not change the order. First akar value should set then only you have to call the procedure. If not it will lead to error.

Thank you . I try it

Still i am not getting solution . Text is properly shown
JustCheck.aia (20.4 KB)

Something is wrong with image fill parent as it result in being 0 height, set to automatic…


If you set both the field as automatic, it is showing images… The problem is, your image size is too small but Height&width is not set properly, that is the problem…