iMGY: Encode files into images

Extension version (Android) 1.0 | 2.0
Java original version 3.1

An extension made for fun that lets you encode any files into images and back to their original form without losing a bit. I wrote this algorithm about 6+ months ago (first version) :grin:


  • Changing one pixel of the image will lead to data corruption.
  • The encoding time depends on the type of file you have given. Media files may take more time to encode especially for videos.
  • Make sure to ask the storage permission to make the extension work.

Open source - Library

Note that this source is not written for Android. There are few changes required to make it compatible.
Visit the documentation of extension’s block here.


com.kumaraswamy.imgy.aix (16.1 KB)


Interesting extension :)… you should check if only one pixel is being modified to prevent corruption.

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Dose It support URL Based Image or Video

Actually, when the decoder reads the image data, the data should be decoded from the hexadecimal format to raw data and here where the error occurs :sweat_smile: One pixel in the image contains 3 bytes or 3 hexadecimal ASCII characters which are corrupt or invalid. Then we will have to guess the three ASCII characters in order to get back the original file but this is not possible :sweat_smile:

Can you please explain what do you mean by URL based image? This extension dosent deals with the things related to web. All the encoding / decoding is done locally.

Like this url Will it encode

No, you will have to download the content from the web to local storage and then process it using the extension. URL will not be encoded, the extension will try to process it as file and the error occurs.

Okay Thanks for Reply

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Wow… Sounds good. Let me try. Superb :+1: :wave:

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nice but can you send me the aia file cuz i didnt understand the blocks

Here are the blocks for my extension:

Make sure to follow the notes in the first post. Got working on two devices.

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the process to image and process to file does it have to be fixed or can the user change it by picking an different file every time

What do you mean by that friend? This just processes the inputs given and forms the output.

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i want to make a app to encode text files into images but how do i get the input name and output name

You need to just put the inputs and outputs, pick a file, get the path and encode!

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That is not related to the extension. You should search the community for tutorials.

Can it also encode video files?

Yeah. It can encode anything.

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What should be the maximum file size ?