Important note when using the component "in app update"

Hello everyone, this is just to inform you and so that you know nothing more.

From the previous post that I sent to help me with a problem with the “in app update” component and by the way thanks to those who helped me who have some good ideas.

When I was reviewing other publications, I noticed that others did work for them and others did not, and then I began to investigate why others did and others did not.

And I realized that the problem was not the component, but the “Google Play” application.
And it is that I noticed that in the section “My apps and games> Updates” that I was marking “Error when looking for updates”

So I looked on YouTube for the solution to fix this error and once I fix it my application was working and I update my application automatically.

In the same way, thanks to those who supported me with their opinions and ideas. I share this so they can inform their friends when they share their app and want to update it automatically.

Likewise greetings… And I hope it works for you.

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