Importing a thunkable project to kodular

I want to move a project that i created on thunkable to kodular.
It has all basic elemets. It is unpublished app.

I don’t mind if after importing app, it does not work, but I should be able to open and read the project code(just for my future reference). Thunkable gives me .apk file but kodular expects .aia

kindly guide

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I am new to kodular
Can you guide me with 1 question

While exporting in thunkable, i get .apk file
While importing in kodular .aia file is needed so how to convert .apk to .aia?

I am confused

Unfortunately, converting an apk to an aia isn’t possible and thunkable x does not support aia so I believe the only way is to recreate the app


Ok thanks :slight_smile:

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