Importing information from a CSV file to TinyDB

Hello friends, I’ve been in a project for a few days. The project consists in retrieving the information in a CSV file and putting it in a TinyDB data bade:

1- The CSV file contains two columns: column1 et column2
2- The CSV file contains several lines
3- The information in the CSV file is separated by a comma and the text in a quotation mark: ex: “toto is sick”,“Solution, he goes to the hospital”

Just to give an image

The objective is to put for each line, the value COLUMN1 in the Tag and COLUMN2 in valueToSore. In the TinyDB.

I’m really very grateful for your help.

You can use for each loop block to do the same task for every list item.

Just save data to TinyDB with different tag in every step.

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Use this method:-

If this does not solve your problem then show how data is stored.

Thank you for your help, friends.
However, I don’t understand why it doesn’t enter the lists in the database, it just displays the information that is in the CSV file in a notification window, but it’s not saved in the TinyDB database. Someone can enlighten me, please. Thank you.