Saving Firebase Data in TinyDb

I want to save all data saved in Firebase to TinyDb with the same tag.
I think the blocks I have used are correct. However, since the “For each” block continues before the “When Tag List” and “Got Volue” blocks are completed, data is not written to all tags. Only data is saved under the last tab.
What can I do to fix this problem? Is there a different method of what I want to do?

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I’m not sure if you are familiar with “Dictionary” but if you are, you could use it instead to store the values.
For example in my case, I have all my values store under a $userID for every users.

When I want to login, I get the tag list:

When I get the tag list, if it exist, I get the value for the $userID I want

When I get the value, I can just store it in Tiny_DB and interpret the value as a dictionary. You can get the value for any tag you want and just use replace block to remove the quotation marks (").

I know dictionaries but it is not suitable for what I want to do.

You missed Firebase bucket, that’s the problem…

To help you, we need to see you Firebase database and also want to know whether you are saving all the values under same Firebase bucket or all the values in different project bucket