In my kodular account all apps have same sha1 ,md5, SHA-256 certificate fingerprint

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hello i just wanaa know is it ok i just check via keystore explorer software my all apps have same sha1 ,md5, SHA-256 certificate fingerprint even every certificate number is same . so is it normal or not

and when we upload apk on play store so howz google recognize apps if all apps are same certificate?

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the signature being the same is normal for one developer. The package name shows it is a different app.

You could create new keystore each time, but every time you want to update the app with a signed package name you will need to import the old one.

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ya thanks for rply
i have 8 apps on play store and i checked also all my 8 apps on play console have same sha1 ,md5, SHA-256 certificate fingerprint. And i update also my all apps without any problem but i confused is normal all have same certificate. bcj when i create new project on kodular then again i check keystore is same with all my other 8 apps.

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Yes ebcause the certificate is the developers, (you) not the application

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