Insert Bible in church app

Hi, I’m creating an APP for my church, and I would like to add the bible, but not through a website, but a personalized one, like a list, would you know how? Do you have an Aia or a model?

Here is an example of 2 similar apps

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What have you tried so far (and that includes searching this forum)?

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If you are a beginner, your work will be quite big.
To avoid the great work of typing the entire bible
you can use a bible api.
First screen is a listview with Filled with chapters.
They are either filled in manually or filled in by the API (if the API provides)

Second screen :

Third screen:
Try to get the chapter referring to the clicked button from the API (on the second screen)

hello how are you, i think this can help you are json files from the bible where you can be storing local in your application or through your server

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Using JSON to load 31,103 records is not a good idea, because going through the entire array will take you at least 4 seconds if you have good Ram Memory … I tried it and it is not optimal, it is better to use Sqlite which is faster, although the databases remain bigger

You could use the xml files mentioned above, they contain separate files for each book to be read.