Installation of Amazon Appstore IAP

First I wants to Thanks Kodular Staff for this awesome platform to create apps for free.

This is just suggestions to Kodular Staff, if they can implant the Amazon Appstore IAP(In App Purchase). This will help many Developers who are developing apps from Kodular.

Why This Needed ?
As we all know Kodular has its own Google Playstore Console IAP component and thanks to Kodular for this but creating Google Console account needs $ 25 fees so many developers can’t create account on console so they can’t publish there apps with IAP on Playstore but on the other hand Amazon Appstore is free and anyone can publish there apps on Amazon Appstore.

If Kodular Staff will implant Amazon Appstore IAP on Kodular Creator then this will help many developers and they can create apps with IAP items and publish app on Amazon Appstore for free.

More Details for Amazon Appstore IAP :

Once Again Thanks to Kodular :pray::pray::pray:

Here’s a small tip for developers that do not have a Play Console account:
-Just do it, pay it. You will earn the money back soon.
By the way, the App Store (by Apple) membership is $100/year, so I think Google named a really fair price.

But, at the end of the day, it’s completely up to you.