Interstitial ad not dissappear when set to ad enabled false

when ad is showing and on clicking is we go to ad details page.If we set click counter as when ad is clicked more than 2 times it should be disabled.
set admobinterstitial1.adenabled to flase
then after clicking it does not dissappear for more than two times.While banner ad disappear with same procedure

can you show your blocks pls


your blocks are right

banner ad is closed when someone hit ad for more than two times but the interstitial ad don’t. It should also disappear but it don’t.The problem is that it covers app full screen and remains in front even the app restarts.Only one way to close it that is to close it manually by clicking cross.

You should increase click variable amount by 1

Without increasing value . There will be default value 0 …

When ad left application do.
Click var to
Get click + 1
Only after this then
Put condition if then



Yes… now…
You can use greater than or equals to

thanx @Mobile_Tech for your time. Yea the code is working fine.Only banner ad disappear on global cicks >3 but interst remains visible on the app screen. It should also disappear as the code is set to intert.adenabled to false

Note tht
When screen reinitialize global variable goes to default
And interestial ads is loaded while screen initialize

yea your are right. But sorry to mention late that when global clicks >2 then condition
set user in database blocked becomes true
and if condition blocked becomes true then
ads becomes disabled to current user. I cannot disabled interstitial ad bro.The question is that why interstitial ads not disabled even the code is set it to disable.Can we hide this on screen interstitial ad with some thing.Like when global clciks>2 the thing like canvas pops up infront of it. Or it become unclcikable