Invoke: no method name “Rotate” in class com.puravidaapps.TaifunImage

@Taifun In your site, i downloaded the AIA file of rotate image of the taifun image extension, take the picture and when click on rotate he show me an error of class: invoke: no method name “Rotate” in class com.puravidaapps.TaifunImage. how to solve.

link to the extension: App Inventor Extensions: Image | Pura Vida Apps

which device and Android version do you use for your tests?
does this happen in the companion app or after building the app?
in case this happens only after building, then ask for WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE before using that method and try again

PS: I replaced the direct link to download the extension with the correct link to my webpage App Inventor Extensions: Image | Pura Vida Apps, see my T&C…

Mi A3, Android9 tested only in companion, i’ll redownload the aix in the new link for test.

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