iOS platform possibility?

My question about ios version of Kodular. İ had known that ios version is impossible because of app inventor is not ready yet. But i noticed that thunkable has started to ios version. Thunkable is also app inventor distributor, how can they do this?

Thunkable Classic is based on AppInventor, not Thunkable X, that is compatible with iOS !


I want to add to what @Franck_G28 said. The block model that ThunkableX uses is different from Thunkable Classic. They have had to manually program each component in a compatible way, and while they have done a great job, there are still some gaps. It is a very difficult task.

Any extension you see here is programmed in Java. iOS uses Swift and Objective-C. And the blocks for App Inventor are then converted to YAIL. It is not an easy task. It is possible, with lots of time effort and resources.


you are wrong here…
As @cian said

It is taking time…
ios apps is one of the reason that makeroid changed to Kodular, …
And please don’t compare Kodular with others :hugs:


When AI is ready with their IOS version, Kodular is able to use it if they choose so. But… every component that’s not standard AI will have to be translated from Java to Swift. AI only has Swift code for the components they have, but Kodular have a lot more components.

The work the developers would have to do is tremendous.

AI has made the choice to use the existing builder and blocks. Thunkable X made the choice to make different blocks. So transfering from Thunkabel Classic to Thunkable X is not possible.

When AI is ready you can use existing code and just build a Ios version of the app.


When will it be possible to build applications for ios, we will have to rebuild all of our projects?

They are 2 interesting questions. My answers are:

1 - We don’t know because Kodular is depending on AI as described before by Peter.
2 - Maybe you can rebuild your apps to IOS, since your apps does not have any external libs (extensions), because each extension must be translated to IOS too and I think it’s not gonna be so easy and fast. So, even we have Kodular for IOS, all of you have to think about this point.


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