Is a number guessing game allowed on Kodular

Has Kodular allowed us to create an app like this?
check app here Taxaal for Android - APK Download

looks like gambling app, not allowed because you will not get ads for this and will not be approved,

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Edited the title so that it’s more relevant to the conversation.

Such an app would’ve been allowed had there been no monetary side to it. A number guessing game played just for the fun of it is perfectly fine. However, when money is involved, it gets categorised as gambling, and as @ImranTariq has pointed out, gambling apps won’t be approved for monetisation


If I do not use ads? then can i make it?

then how you will pay users? from your pocket or going to just prank them?

i dont want monetize

Taxaal for Android - APK Download like this

i am asking about source how and where from you get money to pay users?
I want to earn in the same way that this application earns

this app shows that user must pay money to add coins to his account and then they predict numbers to win, clearly its a gambling app because money is involved, and not allowed,.

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Who will not allow kodular or Playstore?

What would happen if I made such an app?

both, , you are asking about kodular here and we are on Kodular Community, so i was answring about kodular, and

you may get banned, like Playstore, Kodular have powers too, you may get lost your account on kodular .

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ok thank u bro

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