Is Firebase down?

Can anyone please tell me if firebase is down, as my app is not working because most of the data in my app comes from firebase…and also I tried opening firebase there also its not opening…can anyone please confirm!

Yes, I think.

Its not working properly. I am trying from morning.

Yes, Why is it happening ?

Google doesn’t say nothing. You can see the status here :arrow_down:
It works perfectly

I have seen this video on YouTube few hours ago.

It seems that the Firebase is currently(3rd Sept 2020) not operational in my country (India).
It is being experienced by all Firebase users in India.
There is nothing showing in our apps’ real-time databases.
Please look at this issue.

So it only be afected on India… Bad luck :sweat_smile:

Same My Firbase Apps Dosen’t Work As Expected

Just Checked
I am able to access and my firebase projects. My app able to get data from real time database and app also upload data is real time database.

If this is true then Google will provide full detail about this to us through email but non of use received any email.

Firebase I working with other network except jio connection… This is only for India

Firebase Real-Time Database is currently not operational. It is not showing any data of our apps.

Some of the users have already reported.

Why is it happening ?

Probably google firebases are down, I don’t really know.

BTW, it’s working for me for all of my projects.Even those who have large data.

Its not working in my country.

Here you can check fire base status:

Google doesn’t say nothing. You can see the status here :arrow_down:
It works perfectly

We think the same at the same time jajajaja :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: