Is it possible to add Navigation component inside the apps and use it an extension?

I have used the Navigation Component in the MIT AI2 but I create much in Kodular And thought that it would be possible to use it here using the web component but every time it requests that API it results in Error. So tried to make an extension using the app inventor sources, but failed. (I know very little about JAVA).

There Are Many Great Extention Developers here in The Community. So, please try to make the Extention. That would be much helpful, appreciated and unique too…

Sources Link:

Now Everyone can use this extension

That will be very easy…I can make it…
BTW, i don’t know why it’s not present in kodular?

Did you check if there isn’t a way to do the same with the maps components at Kodular, but with a diferent name or the same function in another component?
If not, that’s really odd.

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Please Make… It would be really helpful.

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I have checked but I didn’t get any component doing the same work. But After seeing the sources I Found that we can do it with the web component, but after trying it did’t work.

Please Try To Make This Extension or you may PM me with the fixed sources that the AppyBuilder code editor can compile. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please Contribute To This Extention Repository