Is it possible to get data from an url every time the url was fired

Is Possible to get data from an url every time the url was fired. ex

Is it having any details? Not working

what do you mean by details?

If it shows any data, it will be good to suggest but it replies like below…

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this is an example url

Yes, you can get it using clock component

maybe can i get an example

Very simple.

Set clock duration, and enable timer always fires from designer part for clock componet

In blocks part,

Initialise one globale variable to either empty list or text box (it depmeds on data you received from web)

When clock timers
Set global variable to create empty list/empty string
Set web1 url to xxxxxx
Call web1.get (4get to mention)

When web got text
Set global variable to get response

we can test with this url ?

Any url, but make sure it gives back you data on every fire.

From gsheet?

ok will check now

not gsheet
let me explain
Did u hear about Postback?

Ex will add url to and site and that site will send back the url with data when and action was completed.

this is ok?

Forget to say, add call web1.get after the web url else you won’t get GET response

For cross check , you can use any label or notifier alert to catch the response instead of global variable

can u show me an example please i dont understand

Here after the set web1 url, add
Call web1.get block

cant get any data

Try this

Button click
Set web1 url to nnnn
Call web1.get

When web got text
Set label text to get response

i dont get that i want