Is Makeroid faster?

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #1

I just want to confirm it… :sweat_smile:

Is Makeroid faster now than before when loading a project?

  • Yeah, it takes less time to open a project :+1:
  • Meh, it takes more or less the same :-1:
  • Nah, it takes even longer :angry:

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Yeah, Of course it’s now faster.
My project which takes atleast 5-6 min to load , now only gets load in just 45 seconds.


Good update!Amazing

(Christian Cesar Quilco Flores) #4

Ahora carga mas rápido mis proyectos…demoraba de 3 a 6 minutos,ahora en 30 segundos

(Rijal) #5

it faster but I got problem with server connection

(Vivek Gaur) #6

In the Blocks Section it Lags too Much