I can 't load the project after upload to 1.0.3

It always show me “loading project”,but never success.



same problem year

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Before,when it show “Unable to load project…” in the bottom of the page,I can click my project again to load again.But now ,when I see the “Unable to load project…” in the bottom of the page, I can’t click again.I must reload the whole page

It works for me. How long did you wait? Is it loading a big project?

Not very big , because every project will happen this.I wait it for more than 10 minutes.And then Chrome said the page stop running

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Does it happen with an empty project?

No, it will not

Strange. Only the developers can answer this one i guess. It seems to take more time on my side also but then i am talking in seconds more.

oh ,I can open the page just now,It is the first time…:sweat_smile:

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same Problem

Wait for a while, it will load.

en…But it raelly slower than before.I juat want to hide the dialog when it loading the project,although it is beautiful

yea it is taking 5-10 mins to open a project too slow now !


Hi everyone,
same problem with me. (from Italy)
The projects are loaded but the “Loading Project” is much longer than in the previous version. (1.0.2)
Tested with Chrome browser and Firefox, same result.

yeah dude same here it looks like server is slow

Just be patient until the developers have time to look at it.


Thanks Peter
no problem!
I wrote only to bring my case

Good job, guys

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It wasn’t anything personal. :+1::wink:

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the problem is that only latest created app is opening and old apps are not opening !

That’s not true for me “dude”. Everything still works for me. So not everyone is affected.