Builder project's not opening

When i open makeroid project’s its not opening for while my internet connection is 2Mbps For Sec
I’ll wait every 10 minutes to open that
Admins is there have any solutions

Use Chrome not FireFox, they take longer to load and your speed is slow.

Nathan i use chrome and Firefox then internet expoler but not opening what to do

Use a real computer?

Makeroid isnt optimized for tablets or phones and only for computers.

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@Rifthy16 @hammerhai i use laptop and 10 to 20 mb speed connection with chrome with all browsing history and cache clear . It still took longer time to open any project…

If your project consists of many assets and screens, then the project will take some time to load (Max. 2 minutes)

Be Patient and Happy Developing !!

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Bro i use a real dell laptop

Thanks You Brother im statisfied with your answer but its not took 2 mint it’s taking 5 to 10 mints
Is there any ways to optimize

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@mika pls help me this problem happening me to over 2days i’canot able edit my app pls
Bcs i complete 95% of my app works

LOL! He is using a laptop, not a tablet.

No brother. I don’t see any optimization for that, unfortunately.