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Sir I maked a app on makeroid
i published that app on playstore
now i want to add some feature in my app so whenever i click on my project to start that project my makeroid website not respond it always say loadind and loading plz help
and my project size is also low than 500kb. plz help

Try different browsers.

it takes 5m to load

sir i tried but it didnt worked plz help
i am in very big problem

Please! I beg all of you, do not always say “plz” and say you’re in a very big problem!

We’re aware that you’re in an issue and trying our best helping you. Just try to give us much information as you can so we can give the best support we can.


sir I tried this project to open with all browser
my project is not too big
my final apk was generated of 6 mb.

help sir find the problem and ask the question which you want related project

we all are fetching this problem. as i have told you try waiting and staffs has said it will be fixed.

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